About Us

Street Jitsu Association is a family run club with Michael Jones 7th Dan Combat Jujitsu, 5th Dan Thai-Kickboxing, other grades in Self-Defence, Taiho-Jutsu ,Combat Judo.

The Penkridge club is run by Neil Fellows Sandan Japanese Ju-Jitsu who has trained the art since the age of 9 years old and also has various experiences of other martial arts and combat.

We take care to educate and train our students in Japanese arts with a modern day teaching so that they can protect themselves when out on the streets , our promise to your children is that we care about them so will help in all the n grow into our next generation instructors .

All our instructors have a full D.B.S. and club insurance , and our licences that can be verified with our main governing body COBRA Martial arts if in you have a red licence book and it’s in date please make sure your instructor is a member of a Cobra club because if not there is no insurance and that means they are breaking the law. Check who you leave your children with